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Brain power, imagination, and laughter are all ingredients used in solving a riddle. Some of the most puzzling and entertaining riddles are ones that feature a familiar scenario. For instance, say your friend has two coins in his hand and they're worth a total of six cents, however one of the coins is not a nickel. What two coins does he have in his hand? Answer: A nickel and a penny. The second coin in your friend's hand was not a nickel; it was a penny. A second example of a fun yet puzzling riddle: Three men were sitting in a boat when it turned over and dumped all of them out. When the three men surfaced only two of them had drenched hair. How is this possible? Answer: The third man was bald. A challenging riddle for kids may also come in the form of a mysterious object. For example, what has no bones or legs but if it's kept at a warm temperature will soon rise up and walk away? Answer: An egg. No matter what form it appears in, an engaging riddle will go a long way to expand the thinking of any child.

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