Kids Did This?!

Every parent knows their child is special. Every child is special, in their own unique way. But some children have extraordinary talents that they have put to good use. Below you will find links to children and teens that have done amazing feats throughout their lifetime.


Moshe Kai Cavalin - This 10 year old boy asks not to be called a genius. Cavalin is just 10 years old, but is already a sophomore in college. He plans to study astrophysics and expand on Albert Einstein's theory of wormholes, or black holes, in space.

Gregory R. Smith - Entered college at age 10 with strong interests in ancient warfare. He was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize at age 12.

Saul Aaron Kripke - At age 16, HarvardUniversity offered him a teaching position. He is well known for his philosophies.

Wiliam James Sidis - A world famous psychiatrist who was able to teach eight different languages when he was only eight years old.

Art & Entertainment

Akiane - Akiane is a 13 year old artist. She has been featured on television shows and published in magazines throughout the world. She was even inducted into the Kids Hall of Fame. Originals of her paintings sell for $100,000 up to $1,000,000 dollars.

Jackie Cooper - He may be older now, but in 1931, at the age of 9 years old, he was the youngest child ever to be nominated for an Oscar award.

Shirley Temple - This famous child star began acting at the age of 5 years old. She is arguably one of the most famous child stars of all time.


March Tian Boedihardjo - At age 9, he is the youngest student ever to be enrolled in a Hong KongUniversity. He is studying mathematics.

Terence Tao - Became the youngest person ever at 24 years old, to be given the title of 'Professor' at UCLA. This mathematical professor is said to have learned math at age 2, thanks to Sesame Street.

Alexis Claude Lemaire - At 22 years old, he currently holds the world record for the most famous mental calculations.


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - This influential composer started penning songs at age 5.

Music Prodigies - Wikipedia has a great list of child music prodigies. They even categorize it by instruments and composers.

Charlotte Church - This singer rose to fame when she was just 11 years old, but she started her singing career at age 5.

Miscellaneous Websites

Oprah's Search for Talented Kids - Every year Oprah devotes an entire show to talented children. From musical kids, to kids who can dance, to teen contortionists, Oprah covers the full spectrum.

Amazing Kids!- A website that highlights one amazing kid per month. Every child gets their own web page and personal bio. They offer contests and other programs to get involved!

Amazing Child Prodigies - Featured on the website, this is a top 8 list of amazing kids. Child Prodigies - A list of Child prodigy books off of