Women In History

4,000 Years of Women in Science
You will find female astronomers, physicists, mathematicians and natural philosophers listed at this site. You may search the database by name, era or field of study.

National Museum of Women's History

National Women's Hall of Fame
The purpose of this site is to honor women who have contributed to American society. You will find athletes, scholars, teachers and artists,, to name a few. You may submit nominations for the Hall of Fame. Be sure to visit the Learning Center. It contains an essay contest for kids, teaching ideas and many other resources.

National History Women's Project
Best described as a clearinghouse for women's history resources, programs and events. Events are listed by state, so are the organizations. NWHP also runs the Women's History Network, which links people across the country who are interested in women's history and provides a quarterly newsletter

NOT For Ourselves Alone
Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton are the focus of this PBS site. Requires the Flash plug-in to fully appreciate the site.

Salem: Witchcraft Hysteria
This is an interactive site from National Geographic. It attempts to re-create the horror of being accused and tried as a witch in Salem, Mass., in 1692.

The Girls of Summer
From the Bloomer Girls in the late 1800s, this site details the rise and fall, and rise and fall again of women's baseball and softball teams. View the roster, read profiles of the stars. For example, Edith Houghton (1920s), Dottie Stolze (1940s) and Kim Braatz-Voisard (1990s). Some audio or video clips of the players included. RealPlayer is required.

Women in America 1820-1842
The travelogues of well-known European writers of the day are used to illustrate how women in the United States lived and were perceived. 18 authors (including Charles Dickens and James Fenimore Cooper) address topics such as health, courtship and religion.