American Revolution

This site was developed by college students in the Netherlands. Large section on the Revolutionary War, with a focus on its political and financial causes. Many hotlinks to information on the Stamp Act, the Boston Massacre, Samuel Adams etc.
Site of the Sons of the American Revolution in Riverside, Calif. Find essays (ex. one about black soldiers in the war, George Washington's dental woes, and more).

Archiving Early America
Learn about early America "via the media of the day." View documents, books, newspapers, portraits and old maps including commentaries. You will find issues of The Early America Review and an active Revolutionary War message board "The Town Crier".

Benjamin Franklin : Glimpses of the Man

George Washington Papers, 1741-1799

Liberty! The American Revolution
Site companion to the 1997 PBS Revolution series There are simulated newspaper reports, a section on daily life, military perspectives, a timeline and global views. Test your knowledge with the Road to Revolution game.

The American Revolution
Site specially designed to enhance the PBS' "Liberty!" series.