Foreign Affairs

American Foreign Policy Council
This group's research on foreign affairs can be found at this site. There are Bulletins and Issues sections which offers news and analysis on various subjects

International Business Resources Michigan State University's Center's site. Find data about countries, regions, culture, travel, trade laws, company directories and helpful domestic and foreign publications.

The Economist
The Web edition of publication started in 1843. The site offers articles from the weekly print magazine( reports on science and technology, economics and the arts, etc.).

The Library of Congress County Studies
Find in-depth research and analysis of nearly 100 countries at this site. It includes history, geography, population, culture, economy and government. Most reports also include maps and photographs. Although some of the data here is quite old (the Israel study, for example, is from 1988), the breadth of information is unparalleled.

U.S. State Department

United Nations
International in its scope and language translations, the United Nations site is a good place to go for a broad view of the human condition. Current news on human rights and peacekeeping issues is here, but there is also an impressive Economic and Social Development section. This area contains pages on crime, the environment, world trade, population, statistics, drugs and social development. More information can be found under U.N. Documents and Maps and the U.N. News Center.

Voice of America
VOA broadcasts to the Internet in 32 languages, with news and commentary?
from around the world. You will need RealAudio.