Gilded Age

Gilded Age

Native Americans

The West

Gilded Age

America in the Gilded Age
This site is from "The American Experience" PBS Many photos information and a teachers guide.

Standard Oil
This is Chapter 1 of the history of Standard Oil

The Lords of Industry
This was written by Henry Demarest Lloyd for North American Review in 1884. Its topic is the "robber barons" of industry

"Wealth" by Andrew Carnegie
This was written in 1889, as part of the writings of Andrew Carnegie.

Native Americans

Indian Ruins of the Southwest
Site contains information about the homes, food and clothing that distinguished the five major cultures--Southwest, California-Intermountain, Northwest, Plains and Eastern Woodland.

Native American Resources

Seminole Indian Site

Smithsonian Institution: National Museum of the American Indian
Congress established the museum in 1989 to highlight and honor cultural achievements by American Indians.

WWW Virtual Library-Native Americans
Site contains resources on Native American history, culture, art, language, education and native nations.

West, The

Cybersoup's The Wild West
The site also contains information on the Native Americans and their culture, legends, beliefs, artwork and notable individuals with many tribes represented. The Cowboys section contains songs, poems, trail recipes, facts of the West and cowgirls.

The American West
A must visit site for everything West including clip art, images from the National Archives and lots of links.

The Wild, Wild West
Visit this site for information about the Oklahoma Territory and the Indian Nation.

Westward Expansion Links

Women of the West
Some of the women found here are: Calamity Jane, Laura Ingalls Wilder and Annie Oakley along with some unfamiliar names.

Wyatt Earp?
Everything and anything about Earp at this site

Women and Social Movements in the United States

Words and Deeds in American History
Site contains original manuscripts and letters archived at the Library of Congress.