French and Indian War
Spanish American War
War of 1812

The Fort at No. 4
The site contains information about the French and Indian War and King George's War. ?

Fort Necessity National Battlefield
Fort Necessity was the first battle of the French and Indian War. The site provides information about the conflict, fort construction, regiment rosters, etc.

Yellow Fever and the Spanish-American War
Site contains photos, battle information and the details of the yellow fever epidemics. It is said that yellow fever epidemics killed more American soldiers than the battles did during the war

War of 1812

1812 Memorial Park
Information about the British bombardment of Lewes, Delaware, during the War of 1812. ?

War of 1812
A brief discussion about the War of 1812, providing a good account regarding its causes, campaigns, and the Treaty of Ghent. ? ?