Astro-Physical Calculator
This calculator includes functions for physical and astronomical constants and a keypad for use with planetary data.

This site is based on the ancient method of predicting the number pi There is a demonstration with a Java applet for your enjoyment.

Calculator Home Page
Visit this page for calculator resources, conversions, calculator downloads, and much more.

HP Calculator Simulations
Calculators at this site include those used for finance, business, cooking, health, hobbies, and distance.

Calculators Presented by Dar´┐Żo Alejandro Alpern
These are calculators for complex numbers, sum of powers, and quadratic modular equations.

Calorie Calculator
Input your weight and the duration of an activity and you can determine how many calories you will expend. Have another cookie!

Conversion & Calculation Center
In excess of 750 unit conversions related to measurements, currency/exchange rates, world time, calculators, or time zones can be found here.

Convert It

Cybergnostics Applets
Come here to find calculators and applets useful for statistics student. Some of the offerings include standard deviation demonstration, and an applet that tests your psychic ability.

Dynamic Symmetry Calculator
The Dynamic Symmetry Calculator, allows you to quickly calculate the smaller and larger lengths base on a given length.

Gnuplot Simulation (Graphing Calculators)
These are tools to create 2D or 3D graphs of one or more mathematical functions.

Integrator, The
Calculator for integration problems can be found at this site.

Linear Algebra Matrix Calculators

Math Goodies Interactive Calculators
Visit this site for many different types of calculators for loan payment, quadratic equations, and basic arithmetic and more.

Math Online Calculators
Here, you will find calculators for basic math, trigonometry, probability, or finance. Check out online converters and graphers.

Museum of Pocket Calculating Devices
See such things as slide rules, addiators and abacuses as you visit this site.

On-Line Calculator

On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences
Do you know what comes next after 1, 2, 4, 9, 20, 48, 115, 286, 719,...? See if your answer is correct via a visit to this site.

Quaternion Calculator
Do you need to take real, complex numbers or quaternions as input, using the scalar, i, j and k buttons for each part? If so, this site can help you?

Solving Quadratic Equations
This calculator will automatically solve quadratic equations when two coefficients and a constant are provided.

Sustainable By Design
This is the calculator to help you calculate solar angles for architecture, sun position, window heat gain, and other applications.

World Wide Metric
Come here for help with conversions of length, weight, pressure, and volume with these calculators.