Field Trips & Exhibits

A Time Travel into History

A White House History
At this site explore any of the 12 accessible rooms. You may start with the Library and use the arrows at the bottom of the page for a structured tour. Every page has links to biographies of presidents. The site provides information at the bottom of each page about the the room's furnishings and history.

Albert Einstein's Image and Impact Exhibit

American Treasures - Library of Congress

American Museumof Natural History

American Museum of Photography Guided Tour

Amazing Travel Bureau

American Treasures - Library of Congress

Ancient Roman Villa

Asian Art Treasures

Art Works
San Francisco art museums

At the Tomb of Tutankhamen

B-17 Flying Fortress Virtual Tour
QuickTime VR is required to tour this World War II bomber, courtesy of the Lone Star Flight Museum in Galveston, Texas. Visit all five sections, inside the plane: Nose, Turret, Cockpit, Radio and Waist.

Canadian Museum of Civilization

Central Park
This web tour allows you to head north, south, east, or west from your current position. You may also go to the Met, Bowling Green, Puppet House or other park favorites.

Chesapeake Bay

Chicago Museum of Science and Industry

Colonial Williamsburg

Desert Life

Drop Zone Virtual Museum (WW II Airborne)

Next best thing to do if you can't get to Monterey Bay, California. Exhibits include an area for a discussion of habitats, from kelp forests to dunes, and their inhabitants. Also visit: a 3-D kelp dive, the cool Feature Creature section of animal profiles and the Splash Zone section for kids.

Eclectic Mississippi Photo Tour

Easter Island

This is an on-line interactive science museum. site

Franklin Institute of Science Museum

Geologic Time Machine

Global Online Adventures

Great Chicago Fire

Great Panoramas fro the Holy Land
Great Panoramas from the Holy Land.360-degree panoramic images of seven sites in the Holy Land..

Greatest Places Online

Henry David Thoreau's Interactive Tour of Cap Cod

Historic Mount Vernon The Home of George Washington

Hotwired Hypertour: Tour Los Angeles to New York City

Human Anatomy

Institute and Museum of History of Science - Florence

Interactive Sky Charts

International Surfing Museum

Microbe Zoo

MOMA: Current Exhibitions
View the museum's current, past and touring exhibits, or preview upcoming shows. Images have descriptions that explain their history.

Monterey Bay Aquarium On-Line
Wade into the tide pools and caverns of Monterey Bay. A wonderful virtual sea experience.

Museum of Advertising Icons

Museum of Contemporary Art(Chicago)

Museum of Modern Art(New York)

Natural History Museum in London

National Museum of Women in the Arts

National Zoo


New England Aquarium
Be sure to visit the penguin tank, swim with the sea otters or get up close with sharks. Other tours: a helicopter ride over Boston and a whale watch. The students should also try science experiments or play a game that teaches them how penguins communicate. You will also find a list of links to other interesting sites.

New York Underground @ National
This tour of New York City. Burrow 800 feet below street level with its pipes, wires, tunnels and subway tracks.?

Normandy 1944

National Zoo

New England Aquarium

Northwest Jitters: Tour Seattle to Montana's Oxen Statue

Orchard House/Home of the Alcotts

Peaceful Portraits of Earth

Pilgrim Hall Museum

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (Cleveland)

Roman Open-Air Museum
Visit a Roman Villa and view the living quarters, tools, are and architecture dating from the 1st to the 3rd Century.

Tour of Salem and the witchcraft hysteria that took place in the 17th century.

San Francisco

Science Learning Network
Online science exhibits.

Sea Turtles Online
? Tracking Project.

Sistine Chapel

Solar System Simulator

South Africa Tour

Symphony 0f Speed: Tour New York City to San Francisco

Tech Museum of Innovation
VRML robots, satellites,and more.

The Abyss(Oceanography)
A deep-sea vessel used to view the life in the ocean.

The Ancient Library of Qumran
See the Dead Sea Scrolls and other objects discovered in 1947.

The American Museum of Photography Guided Tour

The Drop Zone Virtual Museum (WW II Airborne)

The Field Museumm Travel back 225 million years to the age of the dinosaurs

The Great Chicago Fire and the Web of Memory

Travels Through Greece & Turkey

The Virtual Field Trips Site
The Field Trip site offers online field trips to places like salt marshes and volcanoes. Each trip covers a single topic, and includes"trail markers" that describe each site on the field trip. There are documents that can be printed and given to each person that takes the field trip.? You may go to the Teacher section for resource information, then to "Let's Go" to start the tour.

Tour (the Rock) Alcatraz Island

Tour the DeCordova 35 acre Sculpture Park

Toyota Automobile Museum in Tokyo

Tour an Ancient Roman Villa

Tour Asian Art Treasures

Tour The American Museum of Natural History

Tour the British Columbia Wilderness

Tour The Catherine Palace of Tsarskoye Selo

Tour the Catherine Palace of Tsarskoye Selo

Tour The Christian Catacombs in Rome

Tour The Collection at The National Gallery of Art

Tour Covered Bridges in Pennsylvania

Tour the DeCordova 35 acre Sculpture Park

Tour At Home in the Heartland Online (USA)

Tour of the Kokomo Opalescent Glass Company
This tour will show how they make different kinds of glass.

Tour Historic Mount Vernon The Home of George Washington

Tour The National Museum of Women in the Arts

Tour the Natural History Museum in London

Tour the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame + Museum

Tour the Rocky Mountain National Park

Tour Williamsburg and You'll Tour Through the Pages o f Colonial America.

Tour the Mount Wilson Observatory - A Virtual Walking Tour

Tour the Samurai Asian Museum

Tour the Sistine Chapel

Virtual Cape Cod: Thoreau's Cape Cod

New England Lighthouses: A Virtual Guide

Tour of New York's Central Park

Tour of No. 10 Downing Street, UK

Tour the Palace of Versailles

Tour the Peel Medieval Castle and Cathedral, Isle of Man

Tour the US States

? University of California Museum of Paleontology

University Of Pennsylvania Museum of Archeology & Anthropology

U.C. Berkeley Museum of Paleontology

Van Gogh Exhibit Virtual Tour

Video Tour of the National Museum of Women in the Arts

View The Bridges of Portland, Oregon

Virtual Tours
This site has hundreds of links. This site is categorized into three sections: Museums and Exhibits, World Tours and U.S. Government.

Virtual Bayou Swamp Tour

Virtual Tour of Belize

Virtual Campus Tours of U.S. Colleges & Universities

Virtual Tour Along the Cascade Mountains in Oregon

Virtual Egyptian Museum

Virtual Field Trips


Welsh Castles

World Capitals

Wild West