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Across the States ?
This site provides a summary of home school organizations and laws according to the state that you have selected.

Alabama Groups and Organizations ?
Locate information about homeschooling laws, organizations, and support groups in your state.

FEAST (Family Educators Alliance of South Texas) ?
Links, books, and resources may be found at this site by the? Family Educators Alliance of South Texas.

Florida Parent Educators Association
This site is dedicated to assisting FPEA members ensure the highest quality of education, and to provide help and information to other families who are considering homeschooling.?

Georgia Home Education Association?
This site contains newsgroups, events, curriculum supplies available for homeschooling.? ?

Home Education in Indiana

Home Educators Association of Virginia ?

Home Schooling in Colorado ?
Information about the? laws, location of testing sites and support groups may be found here.

Homeschooling in Kansas?
Information for those new to homeschooling, resources, support groups and legal information for your needs.?

How to Homeschool Legally in California?

Kentucky Home Education Association

Site from the? Massachusetts Homeschool Organization of Parent Educators. Discover the laws, support groups, and information on how to begin.

Montana Coalition of Home Educators?
Learn about the homeschool laws, support groups, and view additional homeschool links.?

New York State Homeschooling?
Learn about the laws, locate support groups, and other resources.?

North Carolina
This site is from North Carolina's division of non-public education. It lists information about charter schools and more.?

North Carolinians for Home Education?

Texas Home School Coalition?
This site contains legal information on homeschooling and support groups.

Homeschoolers of Maine ?
Access this site about this Christian Ministry dedicated to promoting home education in the state of Maine. Many resources about getting started, local support groups, and educational links are available.

Best Homeschooling Associations

All parents have the right to home school their children. Sometimes, parents run into legal issues with local authorities on the matter and they do not know where to go to get help. Homeschooling is also a tough task so there are times when parents need support in terms of curriculum and other resources. Fortunately, there are many home school associations that work to uphold that right and provide support to parents who choose to home school their children. In this article, we will look at the best homeschool associations.


The Home School Legal Defense Association is a nonprofit organization committed to protect the rights of parents to take charge of their children’s education. Founded in March 1983, HSLDA only consisted of a small group of member families. At that time, homeschooling was still in its infancy. Today, HSLDA has more than 60 staff members with its headquarters located in Purcellville, Virginia. HSLDA advocates on many fronts, including the legal front, Capitol Hill, state legislatures, and the media.

  • HSLDA: The official site with news, membership information, resources and shopping, and important links.
  • HSLDA & California Law: The article looks at HSLDA and the homeschooling laws in California.


The HomeSchool Association of California is a powerful homeschool association that protects the rights of parents to home school their children in the state of California. A nonprofit organization, it is run by volunteers who are passionate about advancing homeschooling in California. Some of the missions of HSC include honoring the diversity of homeschoolers, providing information, monitoring and influencing legislation, empowering families to home school their children, and organizing events for families to get together.

  • HSC: The official site with articles, membership information, news, resources, legal information, and more.
  • HSC Conference: Come here to learn about the best homeschooling conference in California.
  • Information: Provides brief information on the Homeschooling Association of California.


The Georgia Home Education Association is a Christian organization dedicated to protect the rights of parents to home school their children in Georgia. Some of the purposes of GHEA include providing information on legal matters, protecting freedom of homeschoolers, creating and growing home education support, assisting homeschoolers to get local support, and providing new homeschoolers with the necessary resources. They also organize classes, field trips, and conferences to support homeschooling parents.

  • GHEA: The official site with information on membership, legal matters, and lots of resources.
  • Information: Come here to find out more about GHEA.


The National Home Education Research Institute is the leading center for research into home education in the United States. Its main purposes are to provide top-notch home school research, educate the public on research findings, and serve as research clearinghouse for concerned parties. It was founded in 1985 by Brian D. Ray, Ph.D. The NHERI also publishes the Home School Researcher.

  • NHERI: Its official site with news, calendar of events, mailing list, online store, and other resources.
  • Information: Provides information on the National Home Education Research Institute.


The Palmetto Home School Association is dedicated to serve homeschooling parents in South Carolina. Founded in 1995, the PHA was instrumental in the voting of the new statute #Section 59-65-47 into law in 1996. It opened the door for numerous homeschooling associations to be set up in South Carolina. Today, it is a leading advocate for homeschooling in the state.

  • PHA: The official site with information on membership benefits, registration, and other resources.
  • Information: Provides address, location, and other information on PHA.

Additional Resources

Here are some of the other top home school associations in the US.

  • WHO: Official site of the Washington Homeschool Organization.
  • SETHSA: Homepage of the Southeast Texas Home School Association with newsletter and information on events, conference, workshops, legal topics, and membership.
  • CHAP: Official site of the Christian Homeschool Association of Pennsylvania.
  • HEAV: Official site Home Educators Association of Virginia.
  • SC Home Educators Association: Provides information on events, legislation, membership, and resources.
  • UTCH: The official of the Utah Christian Home School Association.
  • HHA: The Hawaii Homeschool Association offers information on membership, regulations, and other resources.
  • LDSNHA: Official site of the Latter-day Saints Homeschool Association.
  • New Jersey Homeschool Association: Provides information on events, field trips, activities, support groups, and so on.
  • RHSA: The Richardson Homeschool Association provides support for families in greater northeast Dallas.
  • NDHSA: The official site of the North Dakota Home School Association.
  • YHSA: The York Home School Association offers information on calendar, policies, guidelines, small groups, and more.
  • BELIEVERS Homeschool Association: Serves Christian families in Fort Smith, Arkansas.
  • AHSA: Home page of the Anderson Home School Association.
  • SLCHA: The St. Louis Catholic Homeschool Association offers support for families in Missouri.