The Atlantic Monthly's Poetry Page
The site contains a forum, an archive of poems from the magazine, book reviews and recordings of some of the country's most respected poets reading poetry.

The Courtland Review
All poems are available as onscreen text enabling you to read along with the poets as you listen to the audio files.

Word Circuits
http://www.wordcircuits.com ?

Select Sound-Off to hear a random selection of featured poems, or browse an archive of poets for other selections.

Favorite Poem Project
Robert Pinsky,U.S. Poet Laureate t first major project. You will find readings of poems.

Giggle Poetry
This site for kids approaches poetry with a sense of humor. Read new poems and rate them. The activities are terrific. There are also fill-in-the-blank poems and riddles that have rhyming answers. Be sure to visit the Poetry Theater in the Poetry Fun section.

Poetry Magazine
Find more than 750 poets and some you may listen to. A listing of poetry contests around the country, with instructions on entering them is included.

Sonnet Central
Collection of 14-liners from around the world. Find sonnets about sonnets, translated sonnets, sonnet curiosities and audio files of sonnets. Find tips on writing your own verse and submit your work.