Fine Arts Lesson Plan Links

Arts - Awesome Library?

Arts Workshop?
Students will create a multimedia puppet show. They will write the story, cast the characters, and select the music to be used.?

AskEric Lesson Plans for Arts?
This site contains lessons for architecture, art activities, art history, and music.?

CanTeach: Fine Arts?
Lesson plans for drama, visual arts, music, and dance.?

Connections+ - The Arts ?
This site contains lesson plans, activities, and curriculum resources.

Daily Lesson Plan: Fine Arts?

Dream Catcher Instructions?
Read about the history of dream catchers then learn how to make one.?

Early American Weaving?

Education Place Activity Search?
More than four-hundred lesson plans and activities are available for your use.?

Exploring Leonardo?
Lesson plans to acquaint students with the artist/inventor.?

Free Oil Painting Lesson?

How to Make Corn Husk Dolls?

KidsArt Education?

Kodak Art Lesson Plans ?

Mondrian Style Painting?

Mosaic Art?
Students will design their own art and compare it to works of historical art.?

Music and Color?
This site contains a lesson which incorporates music with art.?

Native American Pinch Pots?
Make a? traditional style of earthenware vessel used by Eastern Woodland Native Americans.?

Painted Shoes?
Discover Theodore Dragonieri at this site. He paints collages by reconstructing old shoes to represent great artists of the 20th century.?

Sanford Art Education Resources?

Spring Art Activities?

Teacher Helping Teacher - Arts, The?
Lesson plans at this site include drama, theatre arts, and musicals.?

Teaching Escher: Using Escher in Classrooms?
Learn about art, mathematics, and sciences by exploring Escher.

Teachnet Art Lesson Plans?