Science Lesson Plans

Academy Curricular Exchange Science Intermediate School-OFCN? Site
Sixty lesson plans are available.

Access Excellence Collection, The?
Science lessons and activities are available at this site.?

Aerospace Team Online: Learning Resources?


Aquatic Habitats?

Avogadro's Number, an Introductory Lesson
In this exercise students learn the relevance and meaning of Avogadro's Number.


Ben Franklin Activities?

Could You Live Here??
An inference about Martian soil regarding heat absorption and transfer properties.


? Dancing Worms (creating a gas)
Students will discover, conduct and analyze their results from creating a gas in water.

Desert Dwellers? ?

Earth Science (Glencoe)?
You will find some of the following areas stressed at this site: the nature of science, matter and its changes, minerals, rocks, views of the earth, weathering and soil, a several types of erosion.

Earth Science - Earthquakes and Plate Tectonics?

Earth Science Lesson Plans?

Earth's Dramatic History?


Ecology - Grade 9 - 12 Extinction

Energy and Cars?


Food Science Lesson Plans

For Kids Only Teacher Guides?
Lesson plans dealing with? Earth science and space science.

Geology Lesson Plans

Glaciers and Icebergs?

Grand Canyon

Hurricane Lesson?

Internet Project Ideas for Science Teacher

Laws of Reflection
Students learn
the basic Laws of Reflection by observing images of objects in plane mirrors.?

Lesson Stop: Science Lessons?

Living Ocean Teacher's Guide

Magnetic Fields and Bermuda Triangle
This activity shows how to map a magnetic field, and to find how a bar magnet's field combines with the Earth's magnetic field to form a complex resultant field.

Making a Weather Station

Mass, Law of Conservation (a hands-on view)
Students will observe and apply the Law of Conservation of Mass hands-on, involving adding acid to a base to create a gas bi-product (Carbon dioxide).

Mountain Barriers?

Students will learn about oceanography.?

Niagara Falls

Personal Energy Meter
Students take a look at their own energy use, tally up the costs in dollars and the environmental impact , and then think of ways to save. They explore energy conservation techniques and advocate for conservation in their own communities.

Planetary Weather
With this lesson, students will learn about weather conditions on planets in our solar system and create a visual display of weather conditions on the planets.

At this site, you will find experiments to help? teach kids the principles of physics and the laws of motion.

Sailing Thru Science?
Sailing through the viewpoint of science is explored in this lesson.?

Save A Species Project

Schoolhouse: Science?
Lessons plans found at this site include:? anatomy, astrology, biology, chemistry, botany, evolution, and zoology.

Science Mini-Lessons: Intermediate?

Science Visual Instructional Materials Resource?

Science with OAR
The site's mission is "to provide middle school science students and teachers with research and investigation experiences using on-line resources."

Teacher-Developed Lesson Plans? ?

Teachers First Science Lesson Plans

This lesson plan will assist students in understanding how fiber optics impacts their everyday lives.

Topex/Poseidon Classroom Activities?
The focus of this lesson will be scale and structure, measurements, energy, system and interactions, process and change, and human interactions.?

Icebergs Ahead!?
Students will examine how icebergs are suspended in water, why ice floats, the melting process of an iceberg and the differentiate between the floating behavior of ice and cork.

Weights and Measures (practicing metric conversion)
Students measure, record, and analyze their classmates' heights and weights. In the process, they master skills of gathering, averaging, and graphing data - while practicing metric conversion.