Technology Intergration Lesson Plan Links

Body Parts Project
Students will use Hyperstudio in this project.

This lesson will use a spreadsheet and incorporate a math lesson.

Decision-Making Grid 
Lesson on organization of data on a spreadsheet.

Gift Magnets 
Students create personalized magnets via the computer.

Individual Grade Book

Learning Journal

Lion and Mouse Mix-up 
This language arts will develop cutting and pasting computer skill in your students.

Music Video 
A slide show incorporates the use of music.

Point of View Poem 
Use a slide show to display what  your students have learned about poetry.

Pop Up Greeting Cards 
Students are given directions on how to create a pop up greeting card.

School Newspaper 
A digital camera is used to make a classroom newspaper.

Talking Storybooks

Venn Diagram 
Venn diagrams are created to be used in the science classroom.