Language Arts WebQuests

WebQuests are problem-based/inquiry learning experiences on the web. A WebQuest can be short or long-term. All of the resources students need to participate are available and are clearly defined. Bernie Dodge is thought to be the guru of WebQuest . If you are not familiar with Mr. Dodge, start your voyage through WebQuests with his site listed below. Be advised, many webquests incorporate more than a single subject area. Browse all of them to find exactly what you need.

For First Time Visits: Bernie Dodge's The WebQuest Page
This page will tell you everything that you need to know.

A Draft Rubric for Evaluating WebQuests

Essential Grammar Rules WebQuest

Immortality Webquest?
Can man ever be immortal? As you attempt to answer this question, you will prepare a time capsule and a video as part of this quest.

Lit and Language Arts?
Many? lessons grouped according to grade level and works of literature.?

Reading Buddies?
Help stamp out illiteracy in this webquest.?

Scrooge for Mayor?
This webquest will enable students to explore connections between life in 19th century England and Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol".?

Show Me the Money
? You need to write and publish three short stories in order to buy the? car or your dreams, hurry!

Stories and Cultures Webquest?
Students will? research myths and fairy? tales and stories in order to view cross-cultural relationships.

William Shakespeare's Neighborhoods WebQuest
Your students will use the power of teamwork and the abundant resources on the Internet to learn all about Shakespeare's world. Each team member will learn one piece of the puzzle and then the members will come together to get a better understanding of the topic.
Shakespeare's Neighborhoods

What's Your Genre?
Students learn about different genres as they complete this fun, imaginative activity.