Science WebQuests

WebQuests are problem-based/inquiry learning experiences on the web. A WebQuest can be short or long-term. All of the resources students need to participate are available and are clearly defined. Bernie Dodge is thought to be the guru of WebQuest . If you are not familiar with Mr. Dodge, start your voyage through WebQuests with his site listed below. Be advised, many webquests incorporate more than a single subject area. Browse all of them to find exactly what you need.

For First Time Visits: Bernie Dodge's The WebQuest Page
This page will tell you everything that you need to know.

A Draft Rubric for Evaluating WebQuests

Amazing Dinosaur Scientists?
Students have the opportunity to become dinosaur scientists.?

Animals on the Ocean Floor?
This webquest task is to find a map of the world's oceans.?

Atoms and Molecules... Do They Matter??
Students will discover the whys and hows of? atoms and molecules.

Awesome Astronomy?
Students explore space from their classroom.

Biotech Webquest?
Students will research biotech companies and their genetic work. They will then develop their own company. The task will involve developing a marketing plan for a new biotech product that will be presented via a? Power Point presentation.

Black Holes: Journey into the Unknown?
In this quest your spaceship has run across what may be a black hole, and the scientists in the ship want to study it. What will you learn?

Bugs Bugs?
Students will discover information about insects and? the environment.?

Classifying the Planets?
Students will find out how scientists classify planets by using shape, size, and other measures.?


Comet WebQuest
Students become part of a team attempting to prevent a comet from impacting with the earth in this role-playing WebQuest which requires using the Web to find as much as possible about comets and working as a team to find solutions.

Cyber Science Mag
Quest will help students learn about how magazines are constructed and how create an online science magazine.

Compassion or Murder?
What is Euthanasia?? In this webquest you will decide? if this is assisted suicide, mercy, or murder.

Cracking Dams: Webquest?
In this quest you will? study the science of a cracking dam.

Create A Space Alien?
Students will research our solar system. They will discover that? different planets have special atmospheres. They will then create an alien that would be able to live in a particular atmosphere.

Students will create their own habitat with plants and animals that will flourish.? ?

Cyber Science Mag
Quest will help students learn about how magazines are constructed and how create an online science magazine.

Desert WebQuest?
Students will assume the identity of one of 6 roles and? research how humans, animals and plants adapt to life in a desert. The end product will be a written report and? a multimedia presentation.

Digestive System, The?
Enter the digestive tract to see how this system works.?

Digging For Dinosaurs?
Students will learn about dinosaurs in this webquest.?

Discover The Solar System!? NICE

Do Aliens Have Ethics??
Students assume the role of a spaceship commander who is orbiting Earth. They are to survey the people on Earth to determine if they have morals.?

Does the Tiger Eat Its Cubs??
Students will learn about the children? of China.?

Dolphin-Safe Tuna?
Students will discover what dolphin-safe tuna means.?

Ebola Attacks!?
In this webquest the Ebola virus is attacking the world and is spreading rapidly. The team of students must select people to re-colonize society should the virus not be checked.

ewe2 - A WebQuest about cloning

Famous Scientists?
In this quest students will write the biography of a scientist they select.

Human Life on Mars?
Students will research Mars to decide if they want to live there.?

Hurricane Webquest?
Students will find out all about hurricanes.

Hurricane WebQuest?
In this quest students will identify the characteristics of hurricanes and other types of tropical storms.?

Intergalactic Travel Agents?
Plan a trip to a planet of your choice. You must decide what to do, eat, wear and more.?

Intertidal Zone?
Students will design a brochure to guide tourists through San Diego's intertidal zones.?

It's a Zoo Out There!?
Students will? research all types of animals and their habits for this quest.?

NASA's Imagine Mars Project
The Imagine Mars Project is a national arts, sciences, and technology education initiative that leads students to work together with scientists, engineers, artist, and civic leaders to design and share a futuristic Mars community for 100 people.

Meet the Manatee?
In this quest you have been? hired to teach about the manatee, however, you know nothing about them. You will find out what you need to know.

Mission: Possible?
Quest about water and the environment.?

Mystery Genealogy Webquest, The?
You are in the year 2026, your class has just unearthed an unusual object. Inside it are found some names and pictures. You must research genealogy in order to determine what this object is.?

Natural Disasters?
In this quest you will learn about four major categories of natural disasters.?

Nutrition Webquest?

Ocean Quest?
Discover information about tides, currents, and the creatures that in the ocean.?

Our Big Backyard Webquest?
Study of the U.S. national parks.

Periodic Table Quest?

Science Newsletter?

Shocking Sharks?
Students will write a commercial or adventure story concerning sharks.

Titanic Webquest?
As a contestant on the show "The One Thing I Know About." you will need to learn about? the Titanic and her fatal voyage.?

Tornado WebQuest

Tornadoes vs. Hurricanes?
Students will decide which is the most damaging and violent of the two.

Unit Conversion?
Participate in conversion activities.

Weather Team, The?
This is a webquest about severe weather conditions.

Women in Science?
Who are these women and what have they done.